Terms: Smokers Club Coupons

Terms and Conditions for use

Smokers Club Membership Coupons

  • The coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons
  • The coupon should not apply to items on sale. Per-item coupons will only work if the item is not on sale. Per-cart coupons will only work if there are items in the cart that are not on sale
  • There is a minimum order quantity set by Cuban Connection which is periodically reviewed from time to time, as deemed necessarily.
  • The coupon must be used within 30 days (30 days) from date of issue, otherwise, it shall expire.
  • Coupon can not and must not be used by any third party (friend, colleague or relative), otherwise that constitute violation of terms of use of coupon and Cuban Connection shall reserve the right to terminate account of member and or revoke usage of coupon.
  • Coupon code can only be used on the following online stores
  • Certain products may not be eligible for discount. This includes items on sale or already on discount or promotion.
  • A coupon cannot be used to pay for taxes, shipping and handling or other charges.
  • Some promotional offers may not be combined with other offers in the same order.
  • No discount coupon deemed value can be or shall be exchangeable for cash or otherwise.
  • By subscribing to and use of discount coupon, member acknowledges that he/shall ‘permit’ receipt of Cuban Connection email updates on the offer categories subscribed to. By blocking receipt of emails or marking email updates from Smokers Club as spam, shall be violation of terms of use and membership to Smokers Club.
  • By joining the Smokers Club, member affirms that he.she is 18 (eighteen) years of age or older and of full legal capacity
  • Member agrees that he/she will not in any way use any device, software or other instrument to interfere or attempt to interfere with the issuing and or use of member coupons. In addition, member agrees that he.she will not in any way use any robot, spider, other automatic device, or manual process to monitor, copy, distribute or modify the coupons or the information contained herein
  • Cuban Connection / Smokeshop shall reserve the right to limit quantities purchased on coupons at their sole discretion.
  • By joining the Smokers Club, member acknowledges that these terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and it remains the honors of member to acquaint themselves with such changes / amendments.
  • Cuban Connection / Smokeshop reserves the right to withdraw or cancel or revoke some or all rights to this coupon with no obligation to provide reasons.
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